torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

Jean Ramsay (The Spoonshiners) - Pokla's Song

You stood by the door
ticket stubs on the floor
with your lists and things
deciding who's out & who's in

your unfaltering eye
broke every lie
you guarded the door
and so much more

there was many a night
you gave us quite a fright
but every tantrum you threw
made us care more for you

to hear that you've gone
leaves us all all alone
we all mourn the day
your big heart finally gave way

En tuntenut Tavastian legendaarista ovimiestä henkilökohtaisesti, mutta tänään on käynyt hyvin selväksi, että moni muu on. Osanotto omaisille ja ystäville.

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